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Wedding Trends for 2023

At the start of a New Year and engagement season we can look forward to changes on the wedding scene and 2023 is no different. It’s always fantastic to see how couples interpret trends and themes to fit their own unique style and personalities and this year is particularly an exciting one for the wedding industry. After the pre-pandemic boom of weddings and so many weddings in such a short period of time after lifting of restrictions we’re about to see the biggest and quickest shift in wedding tradition throughout 2023. It’s going to be all about couples reinventing the wheel and having the wedding celebrations they want and making it a real experience for all of their guests. Please note though that these are not 'essential' to be included as part of your wedding. Its your wedding, its your special day and should be planned the way you two want it to be.

From more considered guest lists, sustainability continuing to have a huge impact on wedding choices I’m bringing you the top wedding trends of 2023 as well as what’s fallen by the wayside and what you can expect to see if you are planning or attending weddings this year.

Before we dive into what’s new on the wedding scene for 2023 let’s look at what’s out. Wedding hashtags seem to be a thing of the past alongside out of town bags, which in an ever-increasing environmentally conscious society just seem like an unsustainable choice and unnecessary waste. In fact all unnecessary wedding waste seems to be up for negotiation and sustainability is here to stay – in a big way! Statement couple cocktails are also being forgone in favour of a more whole rounded drink experience such as tableside martinis, a gin cart, tequila bar’s or champagne stations. In 2023 we’ll be seeing more couples ditching the fireworks and saving not only their budget but the planet too!

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Wedding Party

The term wedding party as opposed to bridal party is more inclusive and representative of the world we live in and we see more and more couples choosing to move away from gender-focused roles in their wedding day. Couples are ditching the idea of traditional bridesmaids and groomsmen. Choosing people who are important to them and opting for their very own 'I do crew!' Google searches for Bridesman, Man of Honour and Groomsmaid have rapidly risen over the last year as couples seek to have wedding parties that actually represent their true friendships.


In 2022 we saw Bridgerton fever hit the wedding world with regency style and blues and lavenders adorning plenty a wedding celebration from dainty flowers delicately placed on grand wedding cakes, Bridgerton inspired bridesmaids dresses to dramatic tablescapes you can’t have missed the impact that the hit Netflix show Bridgerton had on couples choices for their wedding. With 2023’s Pantone colour of the year being a rather warm shade of pinks and ‘Digital Lavender’ being named as an interior colour of 2023, we can expect to see more shades of pinks, rose colours, blues and purples across the wedding scene over the next 12 months.

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First Look

A popular American tradition is heading across the pond. This is a special moment ahead of your ceremony, just the two of you and your photographer head off to meet in the grounds, or round the corners of the your wedding venue. This can help take away the nervousness of walking down the aisle so is particularly popular with those nervous couples.

Wedding Suits for Women

Hello comfort... who says you MUST wear a wedding dress on your big day? I have friends who would love this idea. These are currently huge on the runway and it popularity is rising.


Diamantes are out, pearls are in! Necklaces, shoes and even dresses are set to sky rocket this year, the runways are full of dresses adorned in pearls adding that bit of glamour and royalty to a dress.

Humanist Weddings

Choose someone to perform your ceremony who suits you as a couple. These are non-religious ceremonies, free from many traditional rules. They can be in any location, at any time of the day, and you have the freedom to be creative. Let your imagination run wild.

Outdoor Weddings

As long as your venue has a license you can marry outdoors. This became so popular during covid and its set to stay! Any one up for a summer garden party style wedding?

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Cake Flavours

Fruit is back! But not as you know it traditionally. Many couples are choosing flavours that incorporate fruity flavours. Raspberry and white chocolate, Lemon and Elderflower, Strawberry & Rose.

Upcycling and Eco friendly options

From upcycling to making more ethical choices couples are well and truly continuing to go green in 2023. Almost a quarter of couples consider sustainability an important part of their wedding planning. A relatively easy way to be more mindful is to upcycle your ‘something borrowed’ and to repurpose something that’s been loaned to you by a friend or relative.

Couples are also looking to be more conscious with their wedding favours and making more sustainable choices when it comes to gifting for their guests. Seeds, edible gifts or charity donations are all great options if you want to embrace this wedding trend in 2023.

Cleaner lines & Tablescapes

Minimal lines and shapes are set to be a huge part of 2023. Think big floral installations around the venue and less on the tables. Less truly is more this year.

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Happy Planning :) x


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