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7 reasons why you should invest in a Wedding Planner

Planning your wedding is exciting, and it should be fun and memorable (for the right reasons). It is a journey, this comes with highs and lows, decision making and budget planning, excitement and overwhelm. There are so many things to think about from choosing your perfect venue to selecting your team of suppliers. Most of all you should be able to enjoy your journey as a time filled with love, laughter, and making memories as you count down to the moment you say 'I DO!'

Do you want to spend more time with your fiancé? Do you want to save money on your wedding plans? Would you like to get access to top suppliers in the area? If you answered yes to any of the above questions I highly recommend reading on.... At some stage in your wedding planning journey you may find yourself on google looking for answers... How can a Wedding Planner help me? How much is a Wedding Planner? Is it worth me investing in a Wedding Planner?

I understand the consideration and investment that comes with hiring a Wedding Planner. Your planner needs to be someone you can trust and call up on the days you feel like you've fallen down a planning rabbit hole.

Below you will find 7 reasons why you should consider investing in a Bespoke Wedding Planner...

1 & 2. Save time and reduce stress

Wedding planning can be a time-consuming and stressful process. Did you know it takes, on average 200-300 hours to plan a wedding, based on a 12-18 month engagement period? Adding planning a wedding into your already busy schedule can feel like a mammoth task.

A wedding planner will take on many tasks for you such as; supplier research/liaison, timeline planning, budgeting guidance & venue liaison, allowing you to focus on enjoying the planning process and your actual wedding day.

3. Save money

Wedding planners can help you allocate your budget effectively and make the most of your money. With a budget plan created with you, by a planner you could save in areas you least expect. Your planner can offer budgeting guidance and help you keep track of your spending to make sure you get everything you want to have on your big day.

4. Supplier Relationships

Wedding planners are experts in the wedding industry and often have established relationships with local suppliers, which can help you secure the best deals and ensure quality services. From venue stylists to photographers, caterers to make up artists you can rest assure your planner has someone up their sleeve to help you. Plus if there 'usual' supplier isn't available they normally have a 'little black book' of others they can call on.

5. Coordination

A wedding planner can oversee all aspects of your wedding day, ensuring that everything runs smoothly and according to the plan. This includes managing timelines, coordinating any suppliers, and addressing any issues that arise on your behalf.

6. Creative Flair

Wedding planners can offer creative input and ideas to help you create a cohesive and stylish look for your wedding, meaning you get a personalised and unique wedding that reflects your individual style and vision. Everything from décor to floral arrangements a wedding planner will work closely with you to understand your vision and preferences, and offer personalised advice and guidance along the way.

7. Peace of Mind / Bridal Bestie

A wedding planner can provide peace of mind, knowing that someone experienced and knowledgeable is managing your wedding day. No matter what stage you are in when you hire a wedding planner they are there for you, they have your best interest at heart and become your cheerleader and bridal bestie. They are there to make sure you get exactly what it is you want and your day runs to perfection. This allows you and your loved ones to relax and enjoy the celebrations together.

Happy Planning, Kathryn Leigh x

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