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30 Songs for your Wedding Playlist for 2023

Did anyone else start the playlist for their wedding as soon as they got engaged? It's totally normal! Music is such a big part of our lives, we are surrounded by it. The radio, Spotify, Amazon music, Apple music, the supermarket, adverts, even soft play locations have it on in the background (not that you can hear it over all the giggling children!) Every day we find ourselves listening to new songs - some of which instantly make you think, that MUST to go on the list!

We (well mainly I) have already started thinking about songs that defiantly need playing. The ones that will fill the dancefloor, get people up and moving, oh and ones that are on the banned list. Like most couples we certainly have our differences when it comes to what goes on this list. I am a huge lover of the 90s songs, I also love those typical 'weddingy' songs where as my fiancé is happy to leave most of them off. If your reading this and get lucky enough to be invited to our wedding you will find yourself dancing to a bit of Whitney, Craig David, 90s dance & so much more! We have total trust in our DJ and will be going with the songs we want but also his guidance because he is the one who knows best.

My main tip when it comes to choosing your wedding music would be to speak to your DJ, they know what people are loving to at the moment and what will get people on the dancefloor. Now the wedding season has officially kicked off for 2023, I am so excited for all this years couples!

Wedding First Dance
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If you are a bit stuck when it comes to starting your playlist have a think of the style of music you want for your wedding. Grab a cup of coffee and head down memory lane, start by reminiscing about the best weddings you’ve attended. What makes a wedding playlist so special are floor fillers that are guaranteed to get your guests up and dancing. I’m talking about the likes of Uptown Funk, Don’t Stop Me Now, Single Ladies, Ruby…. and the list goes on! Variety is key, not only do you want songs from different artists, genres and eras but you also want some that are upbeat, some a little slower and some that will make everyone go a little crazy. Use this list as your inspiration and as starting point and then add any additional songs you’d like to.

Prince and the Revolution, ‘Kiss’

Black Eyes Peas, ‘I Gotta Feeling’

Ed Sheran, ‘Perfect’

Outkast, ‘Hey Ya’

Beyonce, ‘Single Ladies’

Queen, ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’

Justin Timberlake, ‘Can’t Stop The Feeling’

The Beatles, ‘Twist and Shout’

Harry Styles, ‘Adore You’

Sister Sledge, ‘We Are Family’

Bon Jovi, ‘Livin’ On A Prayer’

Kool and The Gang, ‘Celebration

Luther Vandross, ‘Here and Now’

Boyz II Men, ‘I’ll Make Love To You

Journey, ‘Don’t Stop Believing’

Shania Twain, ‘You’re Still The One’

The B52’s, ‘Love Shack'

Jonas Brothers, ‘What A Man Gotta Do’

Adele, ‘Make You Feel My Love’

Whitney Houston, ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me),

Aretha Franklin, ‘I Say A Little Prayer’

Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars, ‘Uptown Funk’

Earth Wind and Fire, ‘September’

Bon Jovi, ‘Summer of 69’

Shania Twain, ‘Man I Feel Like a Woman

Sam Smith, ‘To Die For’

Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande, ‘Rain On Me’

Ava Max, ‘Kings And Queens’

Blinding Lights, ‘The Weeknd’

Little Mix, ‘Black Magic’

Everyone has different music taste, this list may not be your cup of tea. So if that doesn't help, put your favourite music platform on, flick it over to shuffle mode and see what comes, right down the ones that you stop to listen to and go from there.

Happy Planning, Kathryn x


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