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What Season Should I Choose...

Every year has four seasons. Spring (March, April, May), Summer (June, July, August), Autumn (September, October, November) and Winter (December, January, February). Though for many people when you say your getting married, they seem to instantly expect this to be in the summer - why? With 30 days in every month, 365 days in a year how do you know which one is going to be the perfect one for your wedding day?

Throughout this blog I am going to break down the seasons and explain reasons why each one could be perfect for your big day; this may even throw ideas up that you had never even considered.

Spring (March-May)

Spring brings an abundance of new growth outside, have you ever got up one day early March, seen the new buds on a plant or heard the birds chirping earlier in the morning and said “Yay, spring is on the way?”

During spring we find the ‘wedding season’ is just waking back up, suppliers tend to be that little bit quieter – meaning you may have a better chance on securing that dream stylist or photographer, plus the earlier months in this season can be a little cheaper when it comes to booking your venue. Spring brings an array of colours to mind for me: yellow, sky blue, green, lavender. Freshness hits the air and the new life starts to grow. It’s the perfect time for a new chapter in your life and becoming newlyweds. The spring time can bring us some beautifully sunny days but the temperature isn’t that overpowering hotness, it welcomes drinks receptions on the terrace and some outdoor ceremonies as the later months roll round.

Summer (June-August)

The most popular time of year to get married. Its instantly thought of as the time of year where you would get the ‘best weather’. You can smell BBQ in the air, cold drinks are flowing and Pimms tastes so much better in the sunshine. Choosing a wedding dress for this season opens up the options to the ‘festival style’ and if you’re looking for an outdoor wedding with a tipi this is the season that tends to be your go to. Lawn games make more of an appearance at this time of the year with things like mini golf being popular as well as giant Jenga, giant noughts and crosses & ring toss. There are some incredible personalised ones that you can get on etsy. The summer

Autumn (September-November)

I mean I love autumn; I have a September birthday 😊 This season really does have some beautiful colours to it. As the months roll by the leaves start to turn and the sun drops a little in the sky meaning you have the opportunity for some gorgeous sunset photos with your photographer. This is the season of burn orange, burgundy and navy blue. The days still have the chance to be sunny with a hint of warmth in the air but as the months roll by there are some wonderful photo opportunities that appear. Think cute little gauze pumpkins or a sparkler walk exit and fireworks. The autumn months still give you and your guests plenty of choices when it comes to outfits, even changing them up during the day with a little jacket or shawl.

Winter (December-February)

Who doesn’t love Christmas? This time of the year venues tend to have some décor out which can help you when it comes to styling, if they are the kind of venue with a large tree in the entrance hall and garlands on all the fireplaces you know you won’t need to add any extra into these areas to make it look pretty. These months scream fairy lights, candles, warm colours and glitter. As the new year comes through, we find that suppliers and venues can be quieter meaning you can get some good deals on these. These are the months look forward to a mulled wine / mulled cider which you could have as your arrival drinks, a hearty roast dinner and sticky toffee pudding for your wedding breakfast and dancing the night away.

Hopefully this has helped if you couldn’t decide which was the best season for you.


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